The Artificial Conjuring Circle

AI Generated Short Movie | 2023


Film exclusively available upon request.


Film exclusively available upon request.


2023 The Artificial Conjuring Circle, Lemonade Films
2023 Machines of Loving Grace. On S()fia Braga's solo show Felt Cursed, Might Delete Later, Die Versorgerin


The Artificial Conjuring Circle is an AI generated short movie which explores the machine gaze and non-human agency to create speculative fabulations from the Novacene, a new era of collaboration between humans and non-humans towards earthly survival and deceleration of the forthcoming extinction of organic life as we know it.

New systems of post-scarcity based on enhancing human self-realisation, cybernetic ecologies, and numerous new possibilities are attainable, but on one condition: overcoming the anthropocentric vision, accepting the current human status as an evolutionary step towards a new world shaped for synthetic living forms. As the film unfolds, we bear witness to the process of human reprogramming training, immersed in an artificial scenario where very little of organic life remains.

In her video works Braga appropriates vibes originating from internet subcultures, exploring tropes and speculations such as cursed images and backrooms:

“On the one hand, the videos show images of deserted spaces as if made by surveillance cameras; on the other hand, they show journeys through digital, litigating spaces. The representations seem shapeshifting, dissolving objects and architecture, both horizontally and vertically; they switch again and again from an exterior space perspective into the inner life of the machine. The view leads from the surrounding space into the hardware and the program – and back again. Wires, objects, signs, symbols and meanings alternate with each other. The absence of people always awakens a feeling of there-used-to-be-something.“ — Tanja Brandmayr, Versorgerin #137, March 2023


Distribution: Lemonade Films
AI Systems Architect: Onur Olgac
Installation pics: S()fia Braga, Felt Cursed Might Delete Later, Solo show at Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, 2023.
Exhibition photos: Indiara di Benedetto
Robot Performance: Amir Bastan (Creative Robotics).